Why an Arch?

An Arch is a reminder, “there is always another way”. It is a doorway to step through certain perspectives to see what’s on the other side. Walking through an archway represents disembarking from the old and moving into a new phase of life. The arch symbolizes our epiphany, confirming the plan of action after weighing the balance of choices available to us. It is the initiation and ceremony of renewal in Eastern Cultures.

The Arch of Healing and Reconciliation in front of the Bellingham City Hall and next to Public Library is a sincere effort to create bridges of communication and understanding among all the immigrant communities since ‘declaration of Independence’ and before. Our undertaking of reconciliation is to develop harmony and share the cultures and positive human values to enrich the lives of future generations of Americans.



View 2007 Joint Proclamation

Whatcom Community Foundation is honored to be the fiscal sponsor for the Arch of Healing and Reconciliation project. All gifts to the project are tax-deductible and will be accepted and processed by the Whatcom Community Foundation.